Maped group values

Creativity & Adaptability

Maped's opening up on the world market and the increasing pace of change calls for flexibility and adaptability to continue to improve.

This context encourages colleagues and their constantly evolving company to develop their techniques and approaches and to demonstrate creativity in order to offer their clients even greater added value.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Collective success relies on everyone's commitment within their own particular area of responsibility.

Maped is committed to valuing individual initiative, making everyone an involved collaborator and allowing them to develop within their own professional activities.


At Maped, success is always the result of collective performance. The company encourages team spirit whilst allowing all its employees to fulfil their potential.

Every idea deserves to be listened to. Everyone should remain considerate towards others and demonstrate respect and openness to the world's differences and cultures.

Civic responsibility

Maped is assuming its responsibilities towards the planet, young people and future generations.

Every single person helps to act locally in their own particular area, show solidarity (in particular with young people) and reduce the environmental impact of their activities.