Brand values

New Product Development & Marketing Expertise

The UK and USA offices are supported by a Hong Kong based sourcing team who liase with Oriental manufacturers and subcontractors ensuring the high quality of both established and new products. In addition the capability for global volumes ensures a value for money pricing structure.

Quality assurance is incorporated into every stage of our NPD process. Helix has been awarded and accredited with the relevant international quality and safety standards including BS5750 and ISO9002.

The expertise and knowledge of the combined Product Design, Marketing and Logistics teams make Helix confident that it will be able to stay ahead in the ever competitive global market.

Filing Patents

Over the years Helix has patented and design registered many aspects of the products developed. Helix invests heavily in the new product development process. It ensures that the teams are fully skilled and resourced and incorporate the latest design and production techniques, processes and materials. Of the many new products that are developed, the majority are developed internally.

Traditional and academic range of school accessories

Technical education accessories and professional equipment for the home & office

The Helix Oxford range has a worldwide reputation for quality and excellence.

This brand retains the traditional values of scholastic products and applies them to modern day curriculum requirements. Known across the globe as the world's best maths set and brand leader in the UK, the Helix Oxford Maths Set has sold over 100 million units.

The range has now expanded to include writing instrumentsdrafting toolserasers and sharpeners.

Helix are market leaders in education products.  Within our range we offer school essentials such as Maths Sets, drafting and geometry equipment, erasers & sharpeners.

This brand is a leading manufacturer of professional equipment for use either in the home or office environment.

All products have been carefully designed to offer maximum functional benefit and real value for money.

Design, quality & innovation

Design, quality & innovation

Maped offers a comprehensive range of writing instruments and education equipment with exceptional design, quality and innovation.

Every year Maped, the world leader in school supplies reinvents its products in the aims of greater innovation, quality and ergonomic design. The range of pencil sharpeners, the emblem of Maped’s leadership, covers all segment demands and is expanded every year with new models.

Based on original design and remarkable functionality, Maped products undergo quality control on their laboratory testing machines to assure unmatched performance.

Major player on the office product market, Maped designs, manufactures and sells an extensive and exclusive offer worldwide.

Each year, more than 30 million scissors and 10 million staplers and hole punches are manufactured in our factories.

Teams of office product specialists (researchers, designers, technicians, quality controllers, marketers) optimize our ‘savoir-faire’ and our offer to bring the most added value to each market segment.